RFSL Linköpings Qör

OperationRFSLPhoto: Lo Backberg

During spring 2023, RFSL Linköping and ABF started a queer choir – a qoir!

Anyone identifying as LGBTQI, or considering if they might be, are welcome to participate. The purpose of the qoir is to provide a safe space, where the singers of qoir, regardless of previous knowledge and background, feel the courage to use their voice in a creative way. Qoir sings music by one or more queer composers and/or songs with a queer message. We move freely between different genres and sing a lot of pop-music. We have 2-3 gender neutral parts and learn the music by ear.

This semester, we will continue rehearsing on Tuesdays, but with a slight change of time and location! We will meet every Tuesday at 18.30–20.30 and our first rehearsal takes place on September 5 at Sensus, Apotekaregatan 14 in Linköping. The entrance is accessible for wheelchair users and there is an elevator which takes you to Sensus’ venue on the second floor.

September 5th and 12th, anyone who wants to try out singing with the qoir is welcome to join us, no registration needed.  After these open rehearsals we will wait until next year to invite new members. Please feel free to share this invitation with whomever you think could be interested in singing with us, we want to grow! Already sure that you want to continue singing with us throughout the whole semester? Please plan to join us every Tuesday evening from September 5th and our concert acknowledging the Transgender Day of Remembrance on Monday, November 20th.

Do you have any questions? Send an e-mail to qoren@linkoping.rfsl.se for further information.