Get involved!


RFSL Linköping is a non-profit organisation run by us activists. Together we create the activities of the organisation. There are loads of exciting projects to get involved in and the opportunity to meet new, fun people! Do you want to get in involved? Send us an email at

Do you want to join the board?

We just started our search for new members of the board, and are especially looking for people who has experience as an employer, lobbying, or communication. We are also looking for someone who is interested in sports. The new board will be elected during our annual meeting on Mars 17th 2024.

The majority of the current board is ready to continue their work at RFSL Linköping, which means that you will enter a solid, skilled and committed group. During this past year, the board has cultivated a thriving and re-energised organisation with many activities and events. Do you, or someone you know, want to join the board? Please feel free to contact us at