RFSL Counselling Östergötland offers advisory and emotionally supportive counselling in RFSL Linköping’s premises, on drop-in or booked appointments, and via video call, phone and email. You may contact the Counselling with issues related to your sexual and psychosocial health. For example, it may be about:

  • HIV/STI and safer sex
  • Trans, gender identity and/or expression
  • Sexuality
  • Being an LGBTQI person and a refugee, asylum seeker, undocumented or new in Sweden
  • Managing norms and power structures in society linked to gender and sexuality
  • Social vulnerability and mental illness

The counselling is free and you get to decide what the contact will be about.

Phone:  070-282 97 68

Visiting Address
Nygatan 58
582 27 Linköping