Linköping Pride 2024


Linköping Pride takes place May the 27-June the 2

Time flies, Linköping Pride 2024 is soon and we are stoked! This year we focus on the following topics: trans, intersex and aromantisism/asexuality (but issues regarding other groups within LGBTIA+ are also covered).


The official program of the Pride week 2024 is finally here (Activities marked with the Union Jack are held in English or are “English friendly” as its possible to join without knowing Swedish):

Pride House is a hub of knowledge where lots of lectures and debates will take place and art will be displayed during the weekdays. This year’s Pride House is located at, and in collaboration, with Stadsbiblioteket (The great City Library). Here’s the Facebbok-event for the many activites happening at Pride House:

Linköping will sparkle and be busy with various happenings, all around the city, during the entire week. We continuously update Instagram  and Facebook, so follow us for more. For instance there is already a Pride Party Facebook Event to check out here:

The parade is on Saturday June the 1:st. We gather in the park ‘Trädgårdsföreningen’ to listen to speeches and will start marching at 13:00 o’clock. We return to Trädgårdsföreningen for entertainment after approximately an hour. Here’s the Facebook event for the parade:

Registration of groups

As an individual it is just to show up to take part in the parade but for players such as companies / NGO:s and other groups it is mandatory to register your participation as a section with foresight in the following form:

Stay tuned for further information. We are looking forward to fighting for LGBTIA+ Rights and celebrate Pride together with you.



The planing group of Linköping Pride 2024