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RFSL Newcomers


Are you an asylum-seeking LGBTQ person, newly arrived in Sweden, or have had your asylum application refused? Welcome to Newcomers – RFSL’s network for asylum-seeking and newly arrived LGBTQ people.

RFSL Newcomers is a meeting space for asylum seekers who have fled persecution because of sexuality, gender identity and/or gender expression. The meeting space also includes those who have recently moved to Sweden for other reasons, as well as people who have had their asylum application refused.

At Newcomers, you can make new friends, get to know other LGBTQ people and participate in activities. You can learn Swedish, get information about jobs or assistance in finding a place to live. We help you access good healthcare and provide information about how Swedish authorities work.

RFSL Newcomers is a network for you who are LGBTQ and have recently arrived in Sweden and Östergötland. If you are homosexual, bisexual, trans, queer and/or intersex – RFSL Newcomers is there for you! We provide support and information about your rights. We can also provide social and legal assistance in your asylum process, and a place for you to meet other individuals who are LGBTQ.

We meet  Tuesday  at 18.00 (6PM) at RFSL in Linköping, at Nygatan 58 (behind First Hotell).

If you need help with your travel to Newcomers Café meet, please contact us by e-mail: