“Trans” is short for trans person, which is an umbrella term for people who break society’s norms regarding gender and gender identity. The common denominator of all trans people is that their gender identity or gender expression does not correspond with the legal gender they were assigned at birth; that was decided by what their body looked like and how it was interpreted.

The term trans people includes people who are neither male nor female (for example bigender, genderqueer, non-binary, intergender), people who want to undergo gender reassignment surgery and change their legal gender (transsexual), people who use clothes and other attributes that are seen as typical for a gender other than their own (crossdresser, transvestite), artists that exaggerate gender coded attributes when they perform (drag) and people who don’t want to, can or don’t think it’s important to define themselves when it comes to gender (agender, non-binary, neutrois, nongender).


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